EZDrummer2 now searches 3rd party midi libraries

ToonTrack has updated EZDrummer2 so that user libraries (IE. Beatbuddy, Groove Monkee, homegrown) can be searched via Tap to find and midi file drop. The below shows a few user libraries I have loaded when filtered on the Beatbuddy content folder. I dropped a blues clip from the list onto the search box and instant BB matches to go with it. If the BeatBuddy filter is turned off all the other ToonTrack, GrooveMonkee and custom midis will be seen in the match list sorted by best match. This is an awesome enhancement that translates to never needing to go to a folder or file and loading one at a time manually to audition or trying to remember what file names sounds like they could go with fills etc.


That’s great - do you know the updated EZDrummer 2 version number? I have 2.0.2 (build 9590).

Hi Klink, it is v2.1 updated from 2.02 no charge, thanks ToonTrack! I did the update to EZDrummer2 then to the dozen or so midi packs and EZX kits I added on, works wicked pissah. The Libraries are the folder names so if you have a rock collection or whatever in a folder you can filter on or exclude etc.

My workflow for a cover or an idea from a basic beat is get a Gtr Pro file or other midi sample to base the main beat on, if needed pound out a kick,snare one in EZD2 Tap2find or Logic. Did I mention, No more pecking through midi file names and testing? :slight_smile: For working with midi files I’ve settled on EZDrummer2 mostly as a Logic AU plugin for chopping up GtrPro and other sources into segments. Then just drag the sample to the search box and boom, all matching loops ready to be auditioned in EZDrummer2 without needing to do any external work in Logic or weed through loop directories. Combined with using the Logic Transform I mentioned in another post for a single click remap after all clips are added to a track for beat testing then I just save the segments and they are ready to load in BBM. Only now need to use BBM as a project file utility and to build kits so the OSX one Daefecator was kind enough to provide is doing the job.

Hi Norbert,
I am new to Beat Buddy and i do own EZdrummer2. Can you elaborate a bit more how you get the Beat Buddy MIDI library showed up in to EZdrummer. Sorry if it is the juvenile question. Like to experiment with Beat Buddy and EZdrummer.


Hi Moniz,
EZDrummer2 has user libraries in the brower. If you unpack the original content to a folder then go to EZD2 Menu, settings and add folder to user library, there is a checkbox to include in search so that they can also be matched in the Tap2Find and MidiDrop to ToonTrack or Groovemonkee loops.

Dude!!! This is going to be a life saver!!! I mean I’ve gone thru and tried to separate my beats into a bit more understandable file system and I use explorer search to find things like “16th” or “build” but this will make life easier…

Thanks for posting this…

This is an issue I have …Simplicity, there isnt much of it. I pick a Genre of music, then a drumset …then I hiot STop & pick a different genre & push play & sometimes it is still the previous drumbeat.

I am not sure I can get what you are doing.
BeatBuddy should never ever play the old song if you have just selected a new one.

Can you please elaborate?

Can I respectively suggest, if you have not already done so to read the Beatbuddy manual. Lots of your issues appear to be due to incorrect operation and it will save you further hassle in the future.

So here’s a newbie question. Can you create drumbeats in EZD2 and upload them to the beat buddy user library as Midi-files? (I know, I can hear the eye rolls already.) :wink:

The pedal itself only sees songs and drumkits created by the BeatBuddy Manager. Check out the post just before yours, as Psalm 40’s post has links to a number of tutorials on creating songs and kits!

Thanks asshideacon. That answered a lot. Cheers.

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…Thank you very much, @aashideacon, for your input to the BeatBuddy community! You are very welcome here!! :slight_smile:

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