Fade out - electronic discharge noise?


I was checking out some of the included beats with my headphones on, nothing else plugged-in, and on certain songs with certain kits there is an electronic phaser sound, usually in the right-channel (but sometimes both, different discharge sound in each channel), after the outro fades out. Without making a spreadsheet to document all the combinations, my initial impression is that it must have something to do with a certain piece of the kit for those kits on which it happens.

To consistently hear this use the following:

  1. Song - Country1, Kit - Standard
  2. Play at least a couple of bars of the first song part, maybe toss in a fill or two
  3. Double-tap to outro
  4. Listen relatively closely on the right channel for the phaser set to stun.

If it doesn’t happen the first time, try again; the above combo was most consistent, 100% for me. Try different kits on the same song. It happened on more than one kit, but I lost track. Song Funk 6 seemed to have the issue too. Which is what leads me to believe it has to do with particular parts of a given kit. Anyhow, let me know if you guys are hearing this too.

In the big picture, this isn’t a big deal, but may be disconcerting for those playing out if it can be reproduced by others.

Really enjoying this pedal for inspiration, persperation, and making up the other half of the rhythm section while I practice bass.


Actually, I was able to hear that sound some time ago.

Most likely you have your headphones volume (at the side of BeatBuddy) all the way up, but main volume lower than that. Try lowering headphones sound while increasing main sound volume (on top of the beatbuddy).


Thanks, Daefecator, that seems to take care of it, having the main volume higher.

I was listening with Main Vol at at 11% and phones at about 80% and could hear the noise. With Main at 50%+ and phones at 80% the noise is no longer audible.

Thank you!