Fade time

Could be fine to have a fade out time from 0 sec to 9 sec , like the Pigtronix Infinty
And to push even further A different time on each Part!


Separate fade in fade out options would be optimal. Log, -log, and linear options would also be ideal. I know that may not happen soon, or ever but … it would be ideal.

Thank you for the request and feedback! We will look into this in some time, but will be addressing more pressing features for now.

I will add the tag #med-long-term for this reason. I will include the #under-consideration tag as we decide how we may incorporate this exactly into the UI.

Thanks again!

why only 9 seconds? I imagine a fade out selection from 0 to 127, where 127 is Loop (current aeros mode) and 0 is Stop. but the intermediate times could be minutes of slow fade out. (This would be interesting to mix two loops in soundscapes very slowly and not abruptly)
(0-127 for use it in some midi command too)

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Hey there,

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem very practical, we don’t see much use for longer than 9 second fades,

We may potentially consider this down the line, but it is not in our sights currently

Thanks for your feedback

ok, maybe for the feature called FADE OUT 9 seconds is fine. But for the feature called FEEDBACK (in old Echoplex and the New GLOU GLOU looper (new adventure from Andre La Fosse) you find it… Could you put similar thing on Aeros.

Thanks to you and SS workers for improve AEROS.

To make a separate request, you should start a new thread in the Aeros Feature Requests category

If you can, please also provide more details about how this should work and what it does


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Thanks Brennan.

I’ll try to explain in a new thread. (i 'll write in English and in Spanish (too) because is my mother language to explain more precisely ).

Ok! feel free to write the non-translated Spanish version underneath the Translated English version, thanks