Fast Scrolling through songs?

Fast scrolling through songs would be great. Fast-scroll up, single song, down.

Hey there,

This is already possible with an external momentary footswitch, like the Footswitch+

What setting do I use to do the FAST scrolling (more than one song per press)?

Hey sorry, that is the “fast” option, what you want is fast-er!

Unfortunately, we don’t really see us going this route, as it doesn’t really make sense in the UI to be jumping an unknown number of songs especially since folders don’t have a set number of songs in them at any time.

Could you possibly explain how you would intend this to work with a little more detail? It’s possible I’m missing something.


Hi all.

Like @BrennanSingularSound, I don’t see the practicality of fast scrolling through folders and/or songs (I’ve programmed Onsong to select the correct BB song via Bluetooth), but should this be necessary, an external MIDI controller can be programmed to do that (and sooo much more). It’s a rewarding investment, in my opinion.