Father And Son OPBk (E & G) 2017-08-14 - Cat Stevens

Designed for 2.0.4 or greater

NP Standard Bass Piano kit

Package includes song file, lyric sheet, working file and midi map

Don’t forget to say thanks if you use the song…

Download Here

i have the mini. what kind of preset i have to choose?

This is what I get when opening the .sng file with the BeatBuddy manager. Needless to say, the Null part doesn’t work.
Am I doing something wrong?


One-press songs place an empty file (Null, Empty or Nil) where a loop file would normally be placed. The one-press file can then be in the Intro which only requires a single tap to play or be placed in the Outro which requires a double-tap to start playing.

10x, this is very helpful.
Is there a way to toggle some kind of “one press mode” for other songs that are structured as originally intended, with parts, fills, transitions, etc… ?


If and when the BBM app is updated to use a fully functional autopilot, this feature Might be available.

I just read a post from July 2016 saying that they’re working on the “auto-pilot” mode. Should I drop my expectations?