favourite beats option

Is it possible to have a “on the fly favourite button” in a future update so when your jamming with your beat buddy and you come across a beat you like you can lean down to the pedal and “favourite” it - thus copying it into your favourite beats folder.

I’ve got so many beats I like but have to navigate folders the long way when I wish I could just go straight to a folder with my favourite beats in without having to plug into a laptop etc… just think it would be ace to do that and perhaps also have the ability to reorder beats in the favourites when they are in there.

Is it possible to add this functionality or can this already be done on the fly whilst playing?

That might be a cool future capability but I’m not sure today’s pedal has the processing power to be able to do what you are asking for. I’m not aware of being able to move songs or folders directly within the pedal.

You don’t have to plug your pedal in to your computer–way easier to put the SD card into your computer and manage your songs and folders that way.

You might consider something like OnSong. You can have it control the Beat Buddy, finding songs in any folder, and you can create set lists and then reorder the songs at will. It’s a little complicated to set up, but once you get it going, it works really well.

I like this idea. I do not know if it will or will not be possible, but I will passing this idea on. :slight_smile:

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Any update on adding this feature?

The new “Playlists” function is perfect for this.

If you’ve got the 4.01 firmware, you find a song in a folder, but don’t open it. Hold down the Tempo button and a dialog opens so you can select a Playlist to add to.

Then you can also select the beat instantly via midi bank select and PC from your favorite controller.

Great feature, which works perfectly.

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