Feature Collection: Stompin Bass, Random Beats, etc.

Hi everyone. I just thought I would give it a try and suggest some features I would love to see here:

I´d love to see a function where the beatbudy switches RANDOMLY between different drum
patterns within one main part like chorus or Refrain. Like this: After the intro the beatbudy loops
the Chorus pattern. at the moment you only have one pattern to play (besides the random fills)
BUT it would be cool if you could tell the beatbuddy to play for example 3 slightly different chorus
patterns randomly - always switching to the random next one after one pattern is finished - very
similar to the RANDOM FILLS.

Use the beatbuddy as a stompin Bass box. Either use the main pedal (i would like to have that) or use an external footswitch as a stomp box for acoustic / folk gigs. I have the feeling that sometimes i would just need single accents in my songs and i would really love to have this feature here. And I guess the really good mechanics of the beatbuddy pedals would work with that fine.

Beatbuddy Manager:
Copy Paste for MORE INSTRUMENTS inside a drum kit would be AWESOME! For example:
I have a very nice bass i would love to copy and paste to all drumkits. Now i have to create a new instrument (note) - add the bass note - create next instrument - add bass note and so on - COPY PASTE would make this in like 5 seconds! Please! :slight_smile:

Still in love with the Beatbuddy!