Feature Request: Alternative use for wheel

When playing, the wheel controls the master output level. I’d like to be able to do something else with the wheel. I can think of two alternatives, either of which would be more useful to me.

First, I’d propose changing the track level. I know that you can do this from the mixer. However, doing that requires a long press to get in, and a button press to get out. There’s about a half second of display latency on each transition. Altogether, it takes a few seconds to do. However, if I could configure the wheel to control track level, I wouldn’t need to do any of that.

Alternatively, the wheel could change which track is selected in 6x6. Currently to move one track up, it can take as many as 5 button presses if you have 5 or 6 tracks already recorded. Spinning the wheel up would select the previous track. And down for the next.


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So you’d have a global setting for the function the scroll wheel would control (and you could go to the mixer for global volume change)?

A third alternative could be expression control for other pedals, if it’s possible to use the aux stereo out as expression TRS output? Something akin to Chase Bliss’ EXP expression pedal.

@Quad: Yes. Exactly. In my cases, I would rarely ever want to change master volume. But if I did, I would go to the mixer panel for that.

You’d have to use an insert cable to go from 2xTS to TRS, right? That’s all assuming that the hardware can produce an expression output. It might be a different impedance or voltage range or something.

Edit: My mistake. It’s a stereo TRS AUX output.

The aux out is TRS as far as I know and my pedals with expression-ability need TRS also. But yeah whether it can send the right resistance I’d be interested to know.

Not going to happen. Doubt the hardware can support this, but even if possible it’s not the type of request that is likely to resonate with SS.

An option to use the wheel as a MIDI CC controller for other gear would be great, especially since we’ll soon be able to control Aeros master volume via MIDI.

@Quad Perhaps not. But if it was possible for a looper/ expression combo it would be yet an other attractive selling point seeing how much board real estate expression pedals take up.