Feature Request..Auxilliary Screen

I have been doing a lot of reading on these forums, and while the hack will solve the problem of having to bend down to read the screen in selecting your song. Why not just have the option to add an auxiliary screen to the Beat Buddy that plugs into the side of the BB, can be mounted on a mic stand. That would solve all the problems with being able to see the songs you want to select.

Just a thought!

I like this idea. I have had the same thought since I bought my Beat Buddy.

The midi out has start, stop, sync and time signature so you could probably read that in and convert it into some some sort of displayable date. Anything else though would require the midi out capability to be increased. EG The song selection (title) would probably need to be sent via sysex.

I see Greg32433 mentioned the hack to solve the bending down problem. I remember seeing this somewhere but after searching, just can’t come across it. Can you please point me in the right direction?

You mean what’s at this link?