Feature request-change existing 2x2 song to 6x6

It would be nice to be able to change an existing 2x2 song to 6x6 in order to add more parts. The existing two tracks would go on tracks 1 and 2 of the 6x6 song, and leave the rest of the tracks free to add more separate loops. I wouldn’t think you could change a 6x6 to 2x2 due to assigning and combining tracks 3-6 however.


I’m not sure I see the benefit of this? Why not just start in 6x6 since you’re wanting the extra tracks anyway?

That assumes the song starts with a plan. Often it’s just an idea, and who knows where it will go. Then there are those times, in the words of Al Franken, “I forgot”.

You might ask, why not always use 6x6 mode? For all the reasons we have 2x2 mode including simpler, more direct controls and larger display.

Hint: I suspect someone looking very carefully at the SD Card might figure out how to edit the metadata for a 2x2 song to turn it into a 6x6.