Feature Request - easy Toggle of Midi Master/Slave modes or other Profile

I’ve written here previously on how I have used the Ditto as a MIDI master to control global tempo of other pedals as well as timebase and control of Ditto X4.

I have finally gotten around to getting the Beatbuddy to work as a slave; e.g. notes and global tempo coming from somewhere else (Reaper DAW in my case). [As a sidenote it was the fact that the new V2 standard kit is mapped to Groove Monkey standard that pushed me to try this. Its awesome!]

While the Beatbuddy works in both contexts, there are quite a few options that need to be changed in both the MIDI In and MIDI Out sections to switch between the two modes.

A great feature to implement would be a toggle on the top layer of the Beatbuddy to switch between Master and Slave modes. It would save all of the parameters for each so that one button press could toggle between them.

As an extension of this idea, having the Beatbuddy support multiple ‘Profiles’ would be even better. The top level of the settings could be to select from any of the saved, user defined Profiles, which would contain the settings for 100% of the pedal. This would let users dial in how they want the beatbuddy to behave in a certain circumstance and save it to a profile.