Feature request: enforce all tracks with equal length + record new track mid-way

Dear Aeros team, I’m wondering if the following features are already available through certain settings, or if not, would be on your roadmap for future updates.

  1. Enforcing all tracks to have exactly the same length as the base track. Currently we can set the lengths of new tracks to be integer multiples of the first track. This option would further enable the following potential use cases/features.

  2. If 1 is enabled, once the base track has be laid down, user can start recording the second track/third track mid-way through the first track without having to wait till the start of the next loop/measure. This is very handy as a lot of the time the loop can be long and we don’t want to wait to start building the second track if we miss the starting point.

  3. Furthermore, if 1 is enabled & the user has started recording the second track, the looper can automatically go from “Recording” mode to “Overdub” mode when the second track hits the end of the loop (as pinned down by the base track). This is handy because a lot of the time we will be stomping on effect pedals as we head into the next loop to overdub. Being able to “save a stomp” on the overdub would make this a lot easier.

I look forward to your response & congrats again for developing such a awesome product!

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This feature would also be very useful to me! I often want to layer a new track only on the back half of the first track.

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Wondering if this is already somewhat available or is included in a roadmap of a future version? Thanks!

This is something we may want to explore, nothing solid to say yet, just that we’re interested in the prospect and we’re looking into it.

Thank you for the feedback!

Will tag as #under-consideration

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changed tag to #med-long-term, we plan on tying this with the coveted set loop length feature, which will require a UX rework, thanks for your feedback!

Stay tuned!

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Thanks! Exciting and looking forward to this one day!

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