Feature request: enforce all tracks with equal length + record new track mid-way

Dear Aeros team, I’m wondering if the following features are already available through certain settings, or if not, would be on your roadmap for future updates.

  1. Enforcing all tracks to have exactly the same length as the base track. Currently we can set the lengths of new tracks to be integer multiples of the first track. This option would further enable the following potential use cases/features.

  2. If 1 is enabled, once the base track has be laid down, user can start recording the second track/third track mid-way through the first track without having to wait till the start of the next loop/measure. This is very handy as a lot of the time the loop can be long and we don’t want to wait to start building the second track if we miss the starting point.

  3. Furthermore, if 1 is enabled & the user has started recording the second track, the looper can automatically go from “Recording” mode to “Overdub” mode when the second track hits the end of the loop (as pinned down by the base track). This is handy because a lot of the time we will be stomping on effect pedals as we head into the next loop to overdub. Being able to “save a stomp” on the overdub would make this a lot easier.

I look forward to your response & congrats again for developing such a awesome product!

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This feature would also be very useful to me! I often want to layer a new track only on the back half of the first track.

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Wondering if this is already somewhat available or is included in a roadmap of a future version? Thanks!

This is something we may want to explore, nothing solid to say yet, just that we’re interested in the prospect and we’re looking into it.

Thank you for the feedback!

Will tag as #under-consideration

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changed tag to #med-long-term, we plan on tying this with the coveted set loop length feature, which will require a UX rework, thanks for your feedback!

Stay tuned!

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Thanks! Exciting and looking forward to this one day!

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Hi Brennan,

Just want to check in again to see if there’s any plan to bring this feature in the near future?



Really great news, we’ve gone way beyond this, this was included in the 3.0.0 firmware, and we are now on the 4.0.2 firmware officially. :tada:

We will have a beta for 4.1.x very very soon let me show you the change logs since 3.0.0 so you get an idea of what is doable now.

This feature you requested is called Sync Tracks on the Aeros, it is a song setting. There are three options: You can either sync the Start and Length, just the Length, or can also have neither. The rules changes dynamically based on whether you are in Freeform or Quantized mode. You must set this before recording or clear the song (or it’s empty) to change it from one setting to another.

Here is the definition from the manual:

Sync Track Features

  • Definition: “Base Track”: The current longest loop in the song part when in Quantized mode. In Freeform mode (non-quantized), the base track is the shortest loop in a song part.
  • Sync Length: After 1st track is recorded, all tracks will be forced to be proportional to the length of the base track. In Quantized mode, all tracks will be forced to be any whole number multiple (x2, x3, x4, etc.) or whole number unit fraction (½, ⅓, ¼, ⅕, etc) of the base track. For example, if the base track is 12 measures long, other tracks will be forced to be either 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, etc. measures long depending on when the end recording/start playback command is given. In freeform, all tracks will be whole number multiples of the base track (no fractions allowed). A new track recording can be started at the beginning of the next measure in Quantized mode, or immediately in freeform, so this feature only affects when recording stops and playback begins.
  • Sync Start & Length: In addition to the Sync Length rules above, after 1st track is recorded in a song part, all new recordings will begin at the next start of the longest track loop in the song part.

Here are the changelogs back to 3.0.0 where we implemented your request!

Version 4.0.2

  • Dynamic Read Memory System: Maximum song recording time has been extended from 20 Minutes (mono) to up to 10 Hours! See Manual for full details.
    • Recording time is regained after saving song
    • Display ‘recording time left’ in the Loop Studio screen instead of ‘memory used’
  • MIDI command CC41 value 20 to ‘Play current track’, this commits any current recording or overdub
  • MIDI command CC42 value 0 clears the song (deletes all tracks) with no confirmation when the looper is stopped and in the Loop Studio screen. Note: you CANNOT undo this action.
  • Updated system font
  • Added active log system to diagnostics page. This will record details of the state of the Aeros in a file saved to the SD card to help with investigation of bugs. If you are experiencing any bugs turn this feature on and insert an SD card. After experiencing the bug, send the log file to support@singularsound.com along with a description of the bug.
  • Added a help info pop-up to the Recording Time counter in the Loop Studio

Bug Fixes:

  • Cancel recording is now working if ‘Play/Stop All Button’ is set to release
  • MIDI Clock Jitter improvements with tempos higher than 190BPM
  • Mute/Unmute logic now has the same logic as Change Song Part and Stop Song with ‘end of measure’ setting
  • Set up mutes will now be enacted if the song transitions or stops while the mutes are pending
  • Polished the redo animation when redoing both layers in the forgiveness zone
  • Waveform not displaying R input channel when Aeros set to stereo
  • Fixed potential issues for songs that have locked tracks
  • Fixed a crash when song_1 cannot be created on the SD card at startup
  • Fixed slower loading of song (now is the same speed as 3.5.1)
  • Added logic to discard the extra MIDI pulse from BeatBuddy at start clock event from the bpm filtering

Version 3.5.1 Changelog

  • Optimized memory usage of track recording. Now, up to 20 minutes of mono audio (10 minutes stereo) can be recorded in a track.
  • Improved visual waveform gain system for more consistent relative waveform display sizes
  • Added a new notification when an update is available on server, check is done periodically when Aeros is not used
  • Added a new setting “Cancel Recording” to allow user to undo recording while recording or overdubbing by pressing Play/Stop All button (recording and overdubbing will be undone). This is very useful for when a mistake is made and you wish to redo the recording.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed song naming with mixed upper-case and lower-case issues. Songs can now only be named using Uppercase letters.
  • Change Part in loop forgiveness zone with locked tracks, tracks drop out
  • Next Track record command sent “on the beat” (loop forgiveness) causing audio desync when using the BeatBuddy
  • Previous version song files showing song part icons incorrectly
  • Changed when undo is done while in quantized mode from end of measure to immediately. If necessary, adds silence to track to meet sync length rules.

Firmware 3.4.2 Changelog

  • Add acceleration to the volume wheel to make large volume changes easier (moving volume wheel faster has a larger effect on volume changes)
  • Factory reset added to bottom of settings page (Erases All Content and Settings)
  • Don’t reset lock tracks settings when clearing a song of recordings. Allows starting same song over again faster
  • Block all Midi commands except : CC34, 35, 36, 85 and 127 when outside Loop studio. Prevents unwanted playback when not in Loop Studio
  • Leave Loop Studio with a long press on play/stop button (when song is empty)
  • Tap touchscreen to select track in mixer without moving volume slider. This prevents unwanted volume changes when selecting a track. To move volume slider with the touchscreen, tap the slider a second time and drag it to the desired level
  • Low memory warning

Bug Fixes:

  • Error handling when memory is full
  • Upcoming tracks not showing in count-in
  • Count-in UI labels
  • Count-in with midi clock logic
  • Overdub/rec drop delay not working at low bpm
  • Some button presses are ignored
  • Footswitch buttons event logic
  • Volume wheel snaps to 0 dB for 800ms when going up
  • Increase volume slider 0 dB snap range to ±3 dB
  • UI not syncing when record is canceled
  • Toggling of pending overdub while transitioning part

Firmware 3.3.0 Changelog

  • Better volume control
    • Volume can now be set to exactly 0 dB
    • Volume slider knob at 0 dB is light blue instead of white
    • Volume slider snaps to 0 dB (at ±2 dB)
    • Volume wheel more precise (0.5 dB increments)
    • Volume wheel buffer zone at 0dB (ignores up to 4 ticks, active for up to 800ms)
  • Song loading time optimization
    • Removed smoothing filter on waveform
    • Modified the loading animation
  • Uncouple ‘change song part’ and ‘stop’ settings
  • Bug fixes: Various improvements to undone track logic

Firmware 3.2.12 Changelog

Locked tracks: A locked track will continue to play even when a song part is changed. There are two ways to lock a track: On the touchscreen, press the track clock circle. You will see a white square appear around the circle, indicating that the track is locked. To lock a track hands-free, in the mixer page, hold down the lower-left button to change the command of that button to “lock”. Tap the button (not hold) to lock the selected track. To revert the lock track command back to the ‘Exit Mixer’ command without locking a track, hold the lower left button down again.

  • Locked track rules: In 2x2, you can only lock the top track. In 6x6 you can lock up to 5 tracks and you can only lock a track if the tracks before it are locked. You can only lock tracks before recording a second song part. If tracks are locked before recording them, you must record all locked tracks before changing song parts. You can only unlock a track if the tracks after it are not locked and you have not recorded a second song part. While STOPPED with the empty part icon (+) selected, you cannot toggle through locked tracks, the selected track is the next empty track in this new part.
  • Pressing the last bottom track circle on the touchscreen opens the mixer page.
  • Allow clearing the last part of a song when the looper is stopped by pressing the song part dot on the left side of the touchscreen.
  • Operating system upgrade for improved WiFi connection stability
  • Added user download test in Diagnostics screen
  • Added error handling and Cancel button when downloading firmware from Wifi
  • Lock user in Update page while downloading to prevent errors

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tempo rounding by using floating-point instead of integer
  • Fixed tempo shift when MIDI start from BB is used
  • Fixed pending recording on next part getting canceled when switching song parts with both BeatBuddy and MIDI Maestro
  • Fixed double tap muting when overdub is undone
  • When stopped and selecting a part that already has tracks recorded, the next empty track is automatically selected

Firmware 3.1.18 Changelog

  • Added MIDI command responsiveness for compatibility with MIDI Maestro Aeros Mode (see manual or forum for full list of supported MIDI commands)
  • Added MIDI IN/OUT Channel Select setting
  • All track actions are now on down-press of the button for more accuracy. This includes, record, re-record (on an undone track), overdub, play, mute, cancel mute, unmute, cancel unmute
  • Made Next Part command (lower left button) on down-press (not release) while recording for more precise recording in freeform with 2x2 mode
  • Added Main Setting: Track Action button RPO/ROP. This allows the track action sequence to either be Record/Play/Overdub (default) or Record/Overdub/Play which is useful for soundscape artists to capture the ‘tails’ of loops by going directly into overdub after recording
  • Base track for Sync Length setting is now the shortest track in the song part instead of the longest in freeform mode for additional flexibility
  • Added system to limit audio by hard clipping when merging audio to prevent distortion
  • Refactored crossfade system to remove audio pops on audio recording ‘edges’ in all cases (applies to newly recorded songs)
  • Added sorting by date or title in songs menu (current sort type saved in memory for next use)
  • Added SD card update dialog when card is inserted and contains update file (aeros.bin)
  • Allow fast tap on RPO button when recording or overdubbing toggles between overdub and play
  • Allow undo while recording with hold command of track button or undo midi command. For quantized songs undo will happen at end of measure. If sync length setting is on, silence is added to the track to make it the proper length.

Bug Fixes:

  • Allow saving settings from song edit screen

  • Fixed move song to SD crash. Prevent moving of currently loaded song

  • Fixed not having clicks in count-in when Aeros is a slave

  • Fixed sync start setting following undone track when it is the only track in the song part. Now a new sync start point will be set when redoing the only track

  • Removed extra midi tick when starting the looper which was throwing off the sync with certain time signatures

  • Fixed solo on empty tracks

  • Fixed scrolling song list with wheel

  • Fixed click track during count-in

  • Fixed MIDI record track when next part is pending

  • Fixed MIDI mute/unmute while recording or overdubbing

  • Fixed reload of song parameters when MIDI tempo or time signature changes

  • Fixed audio pop caused by second overdub layer

  • Fixed audio drop and sync issues caused by triggering playback or redo during forgiveness period

  • Fixed audio files lost if powering off unit less than 1 second after saving song

  • Fixed save to internal memory crash

  • Fixed audio pop in freeform ROP

  • Fixed MIDI record new track and new part when stopped

  • Fixed mixer volume saving when volume is changed by scrolling

  • Allow record new track MIDI command while transitioning to a new song part

Allow pending mute/unmute to take effect when they occur during a stop

Firmware 3.0.0 Changelog

  • Added quick start guide
  • Added cross fade on loop seams and quick fade in/out on start/stop to prevent audio pops
  • You can now Undo with a hold command while overdubbing
  • Saving/managing songs on SD card is now available in song edit screen and song list screen (Maximum SD card size supported is 32 GB)
  • Songs are now sorted in song list by last loaded order (all SD card stored songs will be below internal memory stored songs in the song list screen after bootup)
  • Songs can now be renamed again when editing song
  • Added Memory Used to Stopped Screen: This is how much of the currently loaded song memory has been used (up to 20 minutes mono recording time available per song). Saving the song will merge the overdubs and free up more memory. This is not the total stored memory of all songs (which can be expanded with the SD card)
  • Added low memory and out of memory warning dialog, shown for 5 seconds (can be dismissed with PLAY/STOP or lower left button)
  • Added Sync tracks feature (start / length) in song settings: Sync Start forces all tracks to start in the same place. Sync length will force all tracks to be a ratio of the longest track in the song part (indicated with a red circle around the track clock while recording) to keep all tracks in sync with each other. See the help text next to these settings for details
  • Added track offsets: If sync start is off, the Aeros will now keep the relative differences between the start points of tracks after the Aeros is stopped or changes song parts
  • Added global setting: Change song parts/Stop song: Immediate/End of Measure, End of Loop. This controls when song parts change and when Aeros stops playback after pressing the Stop All button. If End of Loop is enabled, song parts will change and playback will stop at the end of the longest loop in the currently playing song part, and you will see a blinking red circle around the longest loop track clock while this is happening. If the [Immediate/EOM] option is selected, Freeform songs will change/stop immediately and Quantized songs will change/stop at the End of Measure. The Next Part and Stop MIDI commands override this setting, so changing parts/stopping with the BeatBuddy will cause the Aeros to respond immediately to keep both units in sync.
  • New Setting: Mute Immediately, End of Measure, End of Loop. This is for muting a track with a double tap. Muting in the mixer screen is always immediate.
  • Added “Mute All” option to mixer screen when no tracks are muted
  • Aeros now resets mixer volume levels to neutral after clearing a song by holding down Play/Stop ALL button
  • New Setting: Record songs in Mono/Stereo (set when starting a new song)
  • New Setting: Play audio in Mono/Stereo (main settings)
  • New Setting: Play/Stop All button on press/release. Previously this button was active on release, it is now active on press, which makes it more immediate, but will cause a small amount of sound to be played when holding it down while stopped to clear a song. You can change it with the setting
  • Next Track button in 6x6 mode now works on downpress instead of release
  • Enabled single note time signatures (1/4, 1/8) so songs can be quantized to the beat instead of the measure
  • Tap tempo now follows time signature note type instead of always quarter notes
  • Reduced forgiveness lag from 500ms to 300ms. This is the time of a button pressed after the measure line triggering at the passed measure line.
  • Allow Main Input to not be routed anywhere. This was requested by users who use a mixer going into the Aeros and want to prevent a ‘phasing’ effect.
  • Song is now only loaded when entering loop studio screen upon boot up to prevent long boot up time
  • Refactored Audio block processing for additional stability
  • Made Play/Stop All button work as exit from all screens
  • Click is now audible in both main out and aux out during Count In
  • Added Screenshot function: MIDI message CC127:127 will save a screenshot to the SD card
  • New system to create log files on the SD card if Aeros crashes/freezes. In the rare case that the Aeros crashes, please email the crash log files to support@singularsound.com


  • Close loop at forgiveness point: Audio will be captured during the forgiveness period (up to 300 ms) and added to the loop to prevent loop ‘holes’ when pressing the button shortly after the measure line. (NOTE: The waveform in this section will not be visible but the audio is present)
  • Limit keyboard input to numbers and letters for first character of song name, to prevent empty song bug
  • Allow spaces in song name
  • Automatically delete transient overdub when muting with double tap
  • Muting with double tap will now not merge the overdub and base layer
  • Mixer now has track selected that was selected in loop studio
  • Fixed cancel recording on undone track making the measure lines disappear
  • Stability improvements on song parts. Fixed BeatBuddy next part crash.
  • Fixed crash when saving long songs
  • Fixed save button not working bug
  • Fixed song with no name being created bug
  • Fixed lost audio tracks after renaming song
  • Fixed crash caused by touching the screen while deleting song
  • Fixed: Cue recording with Next Track in 6x6 while recording and then cancel cue caused currently recording track to stop recording
  • Fixed Click Track Lag

We are so happy to have seen the Aeros grow so much :slight_smile: still plenty to do too!

That is fantastic. Thank you @BrennanSingularSound . Can’t wait to have some fun with this tonight. Cheers!

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