Feature request: Hardware ON/OFF button belongs on he back

I have the Aeros Loop Studio sitting on the floor next to the Midi Maestro.

The first time I used the setup, with in 5 minutes, the Midi Maestro had accidentally turned off the Aeros by banging up against the exposed on/off button on the right side of the Aeros.

I am pretty sure there is a reason why, on professional musical gear the ON/OFF button is often either slightly hidden, protected by something, or on the back of a device… especially a device that sits among other devices on the floor.

I kindly request that on the next hardware version, you move the on/off button to the back of the device or somewhere else where it can’t be accidentally manipulated. Let the engeniering principle for that switch be: deliberate action only.


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback but unfortunately we can’t fix this over WiFi! Haha

Something to keep in mind for the future