Feature Request: MIDI command to completely erase a song part

So, we currently can immediately clear an entire song using CC 42, value 0. In addition to this, I really could use a command to erase just one part of the song. For instance CC 42, value 1 could erase part 1, value 2, part 2, etc…

It doesn’t look like there’s any way to do this via MIDI command currently, do I have that right?


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Hey there,

You can delete the last part using the Stopped Hands Free Menu, press and hold the bottom left footswitch button to open the menu, and use the scroll wheel to Delete Last Part, and then confirm the deletion. You may have to edit the hands free menu to show this option, by default it is there.

Note, this is not undoable

Also, the confirmation pop-up can be turned off in the device behavior settings, warning however this will make all deleting immediate and will no longer confirm before deleting the last song part or clearing the whole song.

We do not have a MIDI command for this behavior at this time however

Hi Brennan -

Yes, I can do that, but there are a couple of problems with that:

  1. I don’t have room for the Aeros on my large pedal board, since I already have the MIDI Maestro on there (and very much need it there for my unique workflow). So the Aeros sits off to the side where I can see it but where it’s not easy to operate it with my feet (or hands).

  2. I really would like the ability to delete any of the parts generated, not just the last one. And (for bonus points) be able to do that as long as the target part isn’t currently playing or being recorded (so a different part could be in either play or record mode while doing this bit of housekeeping).

So yeah, this is still a feature request from me – ability to instantly delete any part via MIDI command. Hopefully there are others who would benefit from this as well…


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