Feature request: Midi commands for CC41 - ROP

Hi, for “CC41: Record, Play, and Overdub” could you please add the following MIDI commands (the numbers don’t matter, I just added them to make it easier):

Value - Command Name: Action

21 - Commit Recording and immediately go into Overdub on the same track:
This commits any recording or overdub and goes into overdub mode. If the user wants to commit the recording and go into playback mode, the user must send CC41 value 20. (similar to 20)

103 - ROP 1: Record/Overdub/Play on Track 1 (similar to 101)

104 - ROP 2: Record/Overdub/Play on Track 2 (similar to like 102)

Hi there,

The action you want is done by changing the ROP/RPO behavior in the Behavior settings, look for the Track Button mode setting

This setting can also be switched via MIDI using CC:45 value 0 for ROP and value 1 for RPO or by using the slideout menu command to switch it on the fly.

Thanks for the question!

Thanks for the fast reply. I know this and my 2 action buttons are already set to ROP. But I use an external footswitch (via MIDI) to record a new track (CC41, value 0). I then use another external footswitch for CC41, value 20 to commit the recording.
But as far as I’m aware, there is no MIDI function that let’s me go into overdub immediately on the same track after commiting the recording. I would need to use the action buttons on the Aeros itself to do ROP which is not feasible.

Is there a MIDI command that let’s me use an external footswitch just like the action buttons (ROP)?
You do offer RPO via MIDI (CC41, value 100, value 101, and value 102). Why not also offer ROP via MIDI?

Changing the mode via CC45 from RPO to ROP only changes the behavior of the action buttons of the Aeros device itself AFAIK.

Hey again,

No, the cc:41 value 100-103 respect the track button mode, you can use your midi controller to do this in ROP mode.

If not, that is a bug let me know!


Thank you, I will try it again. Just to avoid confusion:
When in ROP mode, I assign CC41, value 0 to one external button and CC41, value 100 to the other external button…and then those buttons should behave exactly like the two action buttons of the Aeros device themselves in 6x6 mode (i.e. the left action button immediately starts a new recording in the next available empty track [I chose this behavior in "settings / behavior/ next track record 6x6: ON], and the right action button cycles through ROP).

So I press the CC41, value 0 to start a new recording in the next available empty track (like the left action button), and then I press CC41, value 100 to cycle through ROP on that track, meaning it should go into Overdub Mode since value 0 already started a recording. Another press of CC41, value 100 should then let the track go into Playback Mode.

Did I get that right?

I will try it out and report back.

Correct it works just like the button would minus the ability to double tap or hold

I just tested it, everything works flawlessly. I misunderstood the explanation of the midi commands because in the manual for CC41 100, 101, and 102 it just says Record/Play/Overdub. Therefore, I tried to make it work via CC41 value 20.

Maybe in a later version of the manual you could update it by adding that it will follow the setting you’ve chosen in the behavior menu (i.e. RPO or ROP).

Anyways, thank you very much for your help, much appreciated.

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We may try to make it clearer, thanks for the feedback