Feature request no. 10505932 (discrete fade time)

Hello forum

I’m new to the Aeros, coming to it from my Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I’m attracted to the Aeros mostly for the four outputs… routing loops independently for discrete processing is very appealing to me.

There are two reasons why I hope to retire my Pigtronix pedal. The first is the decreasing quality of its software support; I use a decade old version of its editor (on a decade old laptop) just to access certain functions like “set fade time” that are no longer accessible.

The second reason, and the main reason, is the slight click sound that occurs when a loop starts or ends. It doesn’t have to be this way! A start/stop can actually be a 20ms fade in/out!

In my initial usage of the Aeros, the latter problem remains an issue. The minimum time I can allow for a track to “fade in” is 1 second. Can this not be reduced to 20ms? 50ms? So my starts are clean? The same for “fade outs”, if I effectively want a noiseless stop?

Secondly: one of my favourite features on the Infinity was the ability to “fade to end of loop”. When you send a stop command, it begins a fade, ending at the end of the loop. Could this be possible on the Aeros, short of me estimating a value in seconds and setting it for each song?

(Also worth noting: the Infinity originally had a feature where you could “set the fade time”, allowing a loop to fade out over multiple repetitions. Could this be implemented on the Aeros as well?)

Aside from these requests, the “send a MSB before a program change” feature is… not a dealbreaker but I wish you guys would give the user the option of removing that odd and unique-to-this-pedal protocol. I theoretically could rig something up to send two commands when I want to change songs, hands-free, but it seems strange and unnecessary— every other pedal in the world just gets a PC and changes their preset accordingly, why not the Aeros?

I apologize also if this post is made in the wrong thread!

I hope these features can be implemented!

Thank you!


I believe “fade to end of loop” is already a feature. I don’t have my Aeros available at the moment, but I’m pretty sure you have a choice of fading either to a prescribed amount of time OR to the end of loop.

Secondly my understanding is that, having the earliest loop fade out after multiple times (which will be variable) is a feature that is being worked on and will hopefully be made available in an upcoming update.

Hey there,

The Aeros already has discrete fades/crossfades at every loop seam, start, and end point. There were pops reported in 5.1.1 where the crossfade logic was not always working as it should but these have been fixed in 5.2.0 (beta).

The fades settings are meant to be used for “aesthetic” fades, not as a way to prevent pops. There should not be any pops at the start of Aeros playback, and if there are any issues still in 5.2.0, you should let us know.

We will not be including lower values for fades, so this will be tagged as considered

Thanks for the request and question!