Feature request: Setlist work folder + quick edits

I found myself having the following workflow when putting together a new setlist for our cover band:

  • We iterate over every song, find a suitable beat for each.
  • We decide on the bpm
  • We decide wether to keep the intro, outro. Making a note about this. Sometimes if the original song has 2 parts, the beat has 3, I need to make a note about deleting that part later

It would be really nice to have a quicker way of doing this, directly from the BeatBuddy:

  1. Add a new “context menu” item to the songs: “Copy to work folder”
  2. When this is selected, copy the song as is into a folder with a well-known, reserved name, like “work” or “new-setlist”. If the folder is not there, create it during the copy operation
  3. In this folder, allow new “context menu” items for the songs: “delete intro”, “delete outro”, “delete part 1”, “delete part 2”, … “delete part n”
  4. Setting the tempo is already possible with the long hold of the tempo dial
  5. It would be the icing on the cake to have a “Rename” possibility as well. Of course, it would be cumbersome but still possible to rename songs with the dials.

I think this is probably a workflow that a lot of people use when preparing new material. I know all this is doable using the BeatBuddy Manager, some things possibly doable with the BeatBuddy Loader, but having it on the pedal would make such a big difference in speed and convenience.
I also know there is a way of disabling the intro and the outro on the pedal but that is a global setting, not a per song one.

Please consider the above,
Thank you!

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That’s pretty easy to do in the BB Manager if you aren’t creating new beats. With the new BBLoader this workflow should only take a few minutes once you figure out what you want. Make the update, export the .sng, add it to the card via BB Loader.

I agree it could be useful to be able to do stuff like this on the fly, but it would also be extremely limited. Usually I want to make other changes, like add a custom beat, or use a fill from another .sng. There’d be no way to do that easily with just the pedal controls.