Feature request: Setlist

I think BeatBuddy needs an easy way to manage songs in setlists.
Right now to make a simple setlist you need to export and reimport songs. That makes s bit of a mess, and is time consuming.

To clarify: Create song Folder (setlist), copy, paste, move or duplicate songs. These functions would greatly improve the workflow

I agree. It is much easier to edit a song if you can copy the original beatbuddy song to your set-list folder. I just spend a ridiculous amount of time copying each part to a new song in my set-list. Please add a copy song or duplicate song function.

It looks like you can import multiple songs with one click (after selecting them) but you can not export multiple songs with one click. If you could then it would be much easier to export all the songs you create to a separate folder on your computer and then when you want to create a new setlist just go to the folder and import all the songs you want with one click. You could arrange the songs in order outside of BB and then quickly import them ready to go.

A while back, I tried to select & import several individual songs and while the songs displayed in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), they did not play properly.

You can import and export BBM folders (files with .pbf extension) which makes set list management easier. I agree though, that it would be nice to be able to select individual songs across several BBM folders and then export them as a .pbf.

The whole setlist management should be organized like in OnSong. I don’t know how to explain it correct technical wise, but I think about something like this: you have the database with all your songs and create a setlist which just references to the songs in the data base. No need to have the same song physically in different folders. The big advantage would be that if you change the original song in the data base, you do not need to change it in all different setlist folders.