Feature Request: Song List Scrolling

When choosing a song from the song list, if you have a long list of songs and your song is near the bottom, you have to continuously scroll to reach it. This can take time, especially if you are reviewing song lists or song ideas and you are organizing by date.

The two left-hand footswitches are set to scroll down and scroll up. I’d like to request that long-pressing footswitch assigned to “Up” immediately scrolls to the start of the list, and long-pressing the footswitch assigned to “Down” immediately scrolls to the end of the list (similar to the Home and End keys on a computer keyboard). This would make navigation of long lists easier.


Adding more functions on the footswitches in the Song List is a good idea. The mixer and Home screen could benefit here as well.

There is a way to search by name at the top of the song list. Nothing that is usable by hands free, but…

Since getting a midi foot controller, I can access the song list hands free and use the scroll wheel to view songs, then use the bottom right switch to select the highlighted song.

Unfortunately, if you have a long list, you may have to scroll for a while. Today, I wanted to review most of the loops I had (in order of first creation), and so I had to scroll over and over to the bottom of the list. I realized that longpresses on the Song List screen seem to be unused, so I thought they could be used for home/end functionality. (My list will only grow larger day by day.)

Importantly, functionality like this would have a sort of internal consistency in regards to the footswitches - press once to move the selection down, long press to move the selection to the bottom. The Down and Up footswitches wouldn’t be changing their logical scope in terms of their behavior.



We may have solutions for you soon both for MIDI and via hands free, stay tuned on that!

Thanks for the reply! All things considered, this is an incredibly minor issue, nothing to gripe about. I figured I’d make the footswitch suggestion since the longpress functionality was unused and I figured it could be treated as an atomic feature request (instead of the “wouldn’t it be cool if the Aeros could do my taxes”-type requests with no concept of scope) and see if it was something you guys might consider. If you have other plans, that’s cool too.

Seems like one way to remedy this, and something I was going to ask about, is to allow the Songs List to be “loopable” (no pun intended) with the scroll (volume) wheel, meaning if you scroll “up” from the top of the list, it goes from the first song to the last song, and then backwards all the way, or if you scroll down from the top to the end of the list and keep scrolling down, it goes back to the start. That way, if you know your song is closer to the end of the list than the beginning, you could scroll “up” from the top of the list and get to the bottom much faster than scrolling “down” through the entire list.


loopable song list is a super logical onstage must


Would not want to “overshoot” when scrolling to the top of bottom.

Perhaps the wraparound only works when you are already at the top or bottom. That is, if you are scrolling up (or down) and get to the top (end), you’d have to stop for a moment and then scroll up to wrap.

Or perhaps there’s another simple way to get to the bottom of the list via foot control. IMHO, the Aeros suffers from not having some sort of foot accessible choice of common actions (a page or menu) that you can bring up for the myriad of edge case features that everyone wants (for which SS seems to think Midi is a panacea). They keep on running into all sort of limits of the device UI (or FUI) that make it hard to add features to this premium priced product.

Ya know how in the mixer the volume will get “sticky” around unity when using the wheel? That same function could be implemented on the loopable song list when scrolling from first to last song or vise versa.


That’s would be great.
But if I could arrange the songs in a specific order, my life would be much easier.
Can you guys do that?

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For the gigging musicians, the ability to arrange songs in order isn’t a "minor issue."Trust me on this.

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Just curious. For the gigging musicians using a looper, how many are using pre-recorded tracks/parts out there as opposed to creating full songs live?

For the last three years, I am using only prerecorded tracks.
I don’t do live looping anymore.

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@Gibson is that pre-recorded “section’s” of songs to construct as you go or complete backing tracks to just play/sing to?

No backing tracks.
I record sections of the song: intro, verse, chorus, solo, etc.
Usually, it’s 4-6 Parts song , each part has 3-5 tracks on it, bass guitar, strings, rhythm guitar , what have you.

I’ve only done open mics so far. I’m building a repitoire. Anyway, I’ve never done backing tracks. I’ve started from scratch creating full songs as succinctly as possible. While that’s possibly interesting to the audience now and then, I feel a whole night of that would become boring. Here’s the type of stuff I do.

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Sounds good buddy.For the open mic.But for the real gigging 3-5 tmes a week it’s too complicated. Better to keep it simple.