Feature request: stopping and restarting Aeros in time

Aeros is getting closer and closer to having all the looper features of the Headrush Looperboard (in addition to a few unique features of its own), but what is still missing is the ability to start or stop the Aeros on measure boundaries. What I mean is that when I stop the Aeros (but Beatbuddy is left going), I’d like to (some time later) tell it to start again exactly at the beginning of a measure. Similar for starting the Aeros initially if it has been told to not respond to midi start/stop commands.

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Cannot agree more.

Bonus points for some configurable count down setting and display that while waiting. In general, queuing up actions is pure magic when it works intuitively (and otherwise is out of the way).

Interesting idea, we’ve had similar requests before, we can look into it, thanks!

Noted! Thanks

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@JaredSmythe could you specify what you mean by starting and stopping on measure boundaries, you’re saying the Aeros is playing back before the next measure? I know that it does wait for the next measure when playing again while stopped and the BeatBuddy is playing, do you mean that it starts on the same measure where it stopped? Like if you’re on measure 5 of 8 and stop before m.6 in the Aeros, stop the Aeros, and resume playback it will resume on m. 6? Please let us know!

When I had tried it before, the Aeros would play immediately, rather than waiting until the start of Beatbuddy’s measure.

I’m away from my Beatbuddy & Aeros for two weeks, but I’ll verify with the latest beta and record video if it’s still there.

Please let me know if this happens again/take video, if possible. Last I checked this was not the case, it could be a corner case, however!