Feature request

I’m reposting this as I’ve gotten no response (previously posted 7 days ago)

@BrennanSingularSound , @DavidPackouz
I’d like to request a midi command to implement an immediate switch to a song part which would override the global command of whatever is set (switch at end of loop, end of measure etc). This may need to work only in freeform as it may create complications in non freeform. While I realize there is an option to switch immediately, that can become very stressful through the entirety of a song to accurately change parts especially if said oats are only one bar each. The benefit is if one wishes to for example, create a 2/4 measure verses a 4/4 through the rest of the song. Thanks for consideration.


CC102 already does this but if you do not have it coming from the BB it could cause a desync.

If you were to send CC113 value 2 to select the part and then send CC102 it should immediately switch

Let me know if this works for you


Thanks I’ll check it out and get back to you.