Feature to erase Aeros tracks when beatbuddy is set to another song

I like to use the Aeros in LIVE mode. I use ONSONG via MIDI to select the beat pattern and tempo in the Beatbuddy then I like to start “building” the recording. It would be great to have a setting in the Beatbuddy to erase the tracks as soon as a new beat is selected or have a midi message to ERASE the current recording in the LOOPER.
I sometimes forget to manually erase the last song. Of course when I start to record a new set of loops, the previous one is playing!

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Hey there, we believe adding a delete in this fashion would be a risky idea. That being said, we plan on adding a clear song command, you could possibly make use of that to get a similar outcome.

But thank you for the input.

That would be great.