Feedback like EDP (echoplex digital pro)

Hi, to explain the feature that I miss a lot from EDP nothing better than the following video

There more things to do with this feature…

Thanks a lot for read my request and I would like to know if it possible to develop on AEROS.

ps: @BrennanSingularSound if you need the owner manual in pdf of this old looper (for more details) I could send you.

@iSebas I can’t speak for Singular Sound but I doubt that will happen. Have you looked at Poly Beebo?

Why do you think so?.. Poly beebo?.. never heard anything about it…

Google it. The Loopop guy shows how BeeBo does this very thing.

Yesterday I saw at www. It s nice… and Loupe from glou glou is good too, but I hope that SS can develop this feature in Aeros.

I m waiting for some “oficial” words about it.

Thanks Dan for letting me know the beebo.

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Hello there!

I cannot say it will work just like this, but this request already exists in another form

Basically, yes we will be building a loop decay feature so that newly created layers of overdubs will constantly lower by a certain percentage of volume once a new layer is added.

This is coming in version 4.3.x and so it is not far away!

Thanks for the request, we will likely not be expanding this feature any further than that.

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Thanks for your words and explanation. I look forward to firmware 4.3

any news about future firmwares?


Hey there, we are refining the version to release ASAP for 4.2.x, thanks for the question!