Feedback loop question (Phase issue found) Solved

I guess it is considered a feedback loop.

My setup-
Everything is in stereo.
Guitar to Kemper. (Strymon effects in the Kemper effects loop)

Beat Buddy
Jamman Stereo Looper-- (For backing tracks)

All going into my Model 16 mixer.

The Aeros too is going INTO the mixer for playback.
The Aeros is also fed FROM the mixer.
(Feedback Loop?)

This way I can pipe whatever mixer input I want through the Aeros adjusting on/off channels and levels with the mixer controls.

The question/ issue is-
On the volume slider on the mixer- If I turn it up to where I prefer it I start getting this unwanted odd sound. I am pretty sure it is a feedback effect.

I am running into the Aeros through the Aux on my mixer. I get the same effect if I run through the control room also.

As of now I can turn the slider down some on the mixer for the Aeros channel and it goes away.
Or I can just hit the mute button for the Aeros channel on the mixer when playing from the Aeros.

Problem is, I need to keep the playback going while I am creating my loops.

Any ideas on routing this? Understanding my method of use I am going for.

The following may or may not be applicable. Perhaps you can add a sound clip?

  • May want to double check that you are using stereo cables (TRS) for the aux connections.

  • You may also have a ground loop … which is a complex topic and not strictly an issue for the Aeros … and more a matter of how you are connecting wires in loops.

No on the TRS cables.
Using standard cables on the aux 1 and 2 for left and right for stereo.
When I use the control room, they are labeled L and R.
When I talk of using the aux, that is on the mixer not the Aeros.

Stereo out and in on the Aeros mains. Not using the aux on the Aeros.

I understand it is not any fault of the Aeros as I have tried this routing method for other recorders.
With other recorders the undesired effect was much worse.

I have studied up on ground loops but this sounds more like a feedback loop to me. Its not a buzzing or anything you would normally get with a ground loop.

I will work on getting a sound clip up.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, I use the Tascam Model 12… You seem like you have put a lot of thought into this and my suggestion may be silly. So you are feeding all stuff to the mixer, and sending them to the Aeros via the mixer Aux out. Then going back into the mixer via another available channel? Remember to NOT, use the Aux send on the mixer’s Aeros’ channel. That would double your signal and therefor double the noise floor. Anyway you could post a small video on Youtube? I don’t seem to have this problem with my model 12 and other gear.

Yes that is what I am doing.
I have not used the aux out on the Aeros. Was considering trying it.
Not a good idea huh.

I will try to work on a video tomorrow.

I don’t know, never used it. I am referring to the Aux out on the mixer.

MIght be good to draw up something which shows you’re wiring. Hard to follow otherwise.

I send Aeros directly to monitors not back into the mixer. I do that with all recording devices so that you don’t get feedback.

When you make your vid get a really clear slow frame of the mixer. There are a couple of things going on there that can introduce a feedback loop (which, on a mixer usually sounds like pulses and chirps at first and then kinda like AM radio waves as it increases) or just higher noise floor, like a hiss or hum. I suspect you are running a channel with the Aeros that is getting some headphone or Aux mix sent back into itself. If you plug in from Aux 1 to a channel and then turn up the Aux knob on that channel and it is the same sound you are hearing with the Aeros… That’s a feedback loop. It will make a very distinct analog synth like sounds before just blowing up sonically. Hope you get it resolved. Awwww the joys of sound gear learning curves.

Here is the video.
Ignore the bottom right label under the Control Room slider. I am not running it through there right now.
I am running the Aeros through the aux on the mixer.

You should be able to hear it pretty clearly although when in the room it is much more noticeable.
It sounds very nasally when the in and out are open at the same time.

Not hearing a feedback loop from what I know it to be. But I do hear some phase issue maybe. Do you have the Incoming auto muted in the Aeros settings? It should be. Your mixer is taking care of that.

Nice pedalboard wall mount, by the way. lol that is the most awesome over kill project studio eva. Looks great!

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Not sure what you mean by muting the incoming audio in the Aeros settings.

From page 26 of the Aeros manual
“Main input routing: Selects where the live sound going into the Main Input is sent. You may
select one, both, or neither (the ability to use neither was requested by users who use a mixer
going into the Aeros and want to prevent a ‘phasing’ effect):
● Main Out*
● Aux Out”

In the Aeros settings

I think Lash is correct, sound like phase issue, you have a delay re-routing your audio back from Aeros to your mixer

Thanks guys. I will check that out.

As for my studio, if I don’t need it at my foot it goes on the wall. Too many buttons and screens to bend over for. Waiting on the big MIDI update so I can mimic the Aeros buttons on the MM. Then I will be where I want to be.
I only play here at home so this all works for me. I am a contractor so I like to build things too.

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Just took a lesson on Phase and that is exactly what it is.
Your advise fixed it.
Thanks again.