Feelin' Alright (Jam version w/piano part) re-up - Joe Cocker (by Dave Mason)

Uses NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp.

Here is a link to that kit:

Note that this kit has the bass on the right, I believe and the drums on the left, so be sure to have the correct summing setting on the BB, or use both cables.

Better yet, use the version below which is much better.

Contains: .sng, original midi, midi parts, chords and lyrics in pdf and plain text.

Jam is after the chorus after v. 3. It goes as long as you like, until you trigger the outro, then you get a nice long fade out continuing on the chorus.

Download Here

Thanks for posting this. I just discovered it as we’re looking to enhance our setlist.

It sounded great with the planned kit.

However, fate had The song loaded up with Standard Pro kit and sounded UNBELIEVABLE! There was a percussion feel which I liked. However, there was no bass since that kit doesn’t have a bass.

I play the piano so I don’t need that part. Is there any easy way to add the bass to the drum/percussion within the standard pro kit? I tried the Standard Pro with bass - lousy. All of the other bass (with 0 -31) mapping kits didn’t have that percussive feel that I wanted.

I just need the verse and chorus loop - any help or guidance would be appreciated. I use reaper to cut the songs into parts and make key changes. That’s the limit of my knowledge.

I’ve never messed with drum kits.

And in the meantime until Phil_Flood replies to this thread: he has since updated the NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp kit. Try using the Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2 kit.

After changing the kit, you might be able to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor to clear the piano notes in the Loop (jam) section and see if the drums and bass sound cleanly. If they do and if this is the section with the verse and chorus, you can delete (or edit) the Intro and Outro sections.

Thanks Persist as always!

I tried other kits. The Standard Pro kit must have percussion instruments at the same spot as the piano notes on the Bosendorfer kits. When I cleared the piano, I heard just bass and drums and lost the bongo/congo notes that made it sound so good to my ears.

What I’m trying to do then is keep the drums, bongos/congos and add the bass.

I am posting a revision. I’ll put up a Drum and Bass only version. In the meantime, I have NOT been using the Bosendorfer kit. In my system, I have the song with my Steinway+LP+Bass C2-60 kit. The LP, in this instance, stand for Latin Percussion, and not for Les Paul. Here’s a link for the kit:

I’ll have the revised song up in a few minutes. The Latin Percussion is placed at 121 through 127 so the version for the Bosendorfer will not work as a drop in replacement.

Here is the Drums and Bass only version:

Feelin’_Alright DB only.sng (35.6 KB)

Revised 08-10-2022

Apparently, I had the wrong kit listed for this, or I made some other serious revision without verifying everything. This is now corrected. This is the Joe Cocker version with Latin Percussion. That is the “LP” in the song designation. It uses a Steinway kit that I developed for songs that require Latin Percussion. Mapping is as follows:

Bass 0-31, C1 through G 3

Kit drums, mostly general midi, here are the differences:
32 - count in claves
33 - H-Hat Foot Close
34 - Snare edge
35 - Alt kick drum

36-59, GM compliant except
52 is Ride Edge, not China
55 is a Hat Splash, not a regular Splash
58 is a Crash Right Stopped, not Vibraslap, see 127 for Vibraslap

60-120 - Steinway Piano C2 through C7

121 through 127 Modest Latin Percussion kit
121 - Hi Bongo
122 - Lo Bongo
123 - Mute Hi Conga
124 - Open Hi Conga
125 - Low Conga
126 - Cabasa
127 - Vibraslap

This kit is called Steinway+LP+Bass C2-60, and is available on my dropbox:

The song package contains 2 song versions. the DB only version has no piano, the OPBK+LP, has piano, bass, regular drums and Latin drums

Feelin’ Alright.zip (108.7 KB)

Levels have been adjusted in both versions match the Steinway kit without clipping.

The original Bosendorfer kit was one of my kits with the bass and pianos on the right channel only. If you were using just one BB output, and it was in the left, you would not have heard the bass and piano. The new version should clear that up. I believe there was a BB firmware update to properly combine the right and left channels. Otherwise, with my kits, I recommend you always use both output channels of the BB.

Whoa! I can’t thank you enough. I’m excited to give it a listen and try. VERY much appreciated as always.