Feeling stupid

i am delving into the Manager software…got it installed…updated…all good. Trying to import project from pedal to get the content into the manager and I am apparently missing something that must be simple…or intuitive. Click the import project pedal drop down…it opens the removable disk folder with the four folders , drum sets, effects, parameters and songs. The box asks to select a folder…ok…lets select songs…error message…“select location does not contain a project”…next… Try and highlight all four files at once…computer will only allow one on this particular box. I know I am missing something apparently so obvious that it is not covered or mentioned in the manager manual. Help!!
BTW … Also looked in the BBWorkspace folder …click on projects and I get a READ me file that says if folder is empty, try downloading and installing the bundle with library files. Help!! Thanks.

Once you get it, you’ll get it. Don’t think of it really as “the pedal”, think of it as “the sd card”. I put the card in my mac, and it mounts as an external disc (of course), and I import from there, and export to there. Once I figured this subtlety out, I made a completely new Workspace, and imported all the BB content into the Workspace. Now I just use the sync function. I can create or import a new song into BB Manager, put in the SD card, and hit sync… Put the card back into the pedal and wallah! It’s there!

Thanks for the reply…I do get the SD is the same as the pedal part…I updated the firmware with the SD in the computer and loaded it in to the pedal…however when I tried importing from either the pedal or the SD I came up with the same issue…anyway…in the course of my adventures and attempts to get all four folders to load…I hit a select all option in the computer and it instantly erased the card…I tried to reload the card from the BB site…I used the original BB cards as I did not have a blank…long story short…it loaded but when reinserted in the BB it comes up No Song. Today I will get a fresh card and try again. Thanks

Ok. Got the answer. Thanks. Made the mistake of trying to click on a folder… Helpful message set me on the right path.