Fender Mustang gtx100

I have a fender GTX100 it is a modeling amp, I just purchased the Beat buddy and aeros looper, I would like to know how to set the looper up so the it won’t change the looped sounds everytime I change to a new model in the amp itself. I am assuming I would set it through the fx loop, but not sure where to go from there.

I think that would be more of a question for the Fender community. I have a Mustang III v2 & a GT100. They both have Aux inputs. I assume the GTX has the same. Even if you route it through the effects loops your drum sound is still going to change if you change amp models or any post gain stage effects.

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I have a trio+ and I used this YouTube video to set it up, works great.
Play the Digitech Trio + with Fender Mustang III Modeling Amp

I was just wondering if I could do the same thing with the Aeros looper. Guess I will see when I get it.

Hey there, the trick would be recording the output of the GTX to the Aeros using a line out from the amp, I looked it up and it looks like you can send line outs from the back, send that to the Aeros and then send the Aeros to a PA or full range speaker (this will help make sure that the guitar tone is not changed by another amp). I am not sure if sending the line out from the L only will cause any gain loss (if it has true mono or if it only works in stereo) but you can also do Stereo, at the cost of less memory.

If you don’t do this, the Aeros will always be sending dry signal to the Amp and so the amp will always play that back.

I agree I think it would work the same as the way I have the trio setup now. I was just being lazy and hoping someone already figured it out. I will look at the inputs and outputs on the Aeros looper, once I get it.