Field Recorder - Record current "session" as a stereo track for later usage

Would love to use the Aeros as a field recorder … to record the “stereo output” of the Aeros.

That is, let me click “start session” and then any audio which the Aeros “outputs” is recorded until I “end the session”.

At that point we can pull the tracks off the SD card. Perhaps we also get the ability to replay the recording through the outputs of the Aeros in some special mode.

This would be a nice value add to Aeros … I could ditch the DAW and interface to record.

No need to show this session recording as a “track”. Hopefully this would mean you are only limited to the SD/internal storage space (and no 2:30 memory limit).

I doubt this a priority now, but it would be nice. Keep an open mind. This feature could help some people justify the $200-400 extra cost of the Aeros versus the competition (people pay about that much or more for digital recorders).


Fascinating idea.

When you think about it the aeros has enough connectivity to be a mini 4x4 mixer too. Link that with your recorder mode idea and that’s quite a selling point. Particularly given how high quality the audio path is in aeros.

In fact if a couple of mixer channels became playback sources from the SD card, you could almost DJ with it.

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We have something in our crystal ball :crystal_ball: