File contain more data than expected

Hi everyone, there are some songs produced by users that I downloaded (Sunday bloody sunday or Tie your mother down, for example) that my Beatbuddy manager does not read. A message appears telling me: File Contain more data than expected. I do not know what to do to solve this problem. Can you help me ? Thank you

Please update to new version of BBM 1.6.4

Thank you Persist but I already have BBM version 1.6.4. I downloaded several songs and I have no problem, but I can not play those designed “onepress” as the song Matte has put online the 07.07.16 (Sunday U2 bloody sunday). Is there a trick?

Have you downloaded and imported the drum set that Matte recommended playing it with? “Made for the Rock_2+Bass[/URL] or [URL=‘’]Rock 3 w/Bassdrumset.”

I just tested it and it works for me. As an aside, I don’t know if this has anything to do with the issue but many of the OPB files are about 50kb while the one you were having trouble with was about 700kb.

Again thank you Persist, I redid the whole process (downloaded the drumset Rock 2 w / bass and rock 3 w / bass and the song Sunday bloody sunday), but it still does not work. I think you’re right when you say that the problem is with the file size. If this is the case, what can I do?

Hi, Luc. I’m testing the song now. If I can provide a workaround, I’ll post it here. But if I can’t, I’ll let you know. I’ll also test Tie Your Mother Down.

Okay. I tested both songs. I can import and play Sunday… and Tie… successfully on BBM for the Mac. With the exception of the size of Sunday, I can’t see any issue with Sunday. I removed the Outro Fill and have attached it here so you could try it but not sure your issue isn’t related to something else in BBM.

If anyone else is having trouble with Sunday Bloody Sunday, I hope they’ll chime in here.

I sincerely thank you for your help. I downloaded the version of Sunday bloody sunday you included in your message. Unfortunately, the same message is displayed: Error while parsing song content Internal parsing errors: SongFileModel: read from buffer - warning - Apart of the File was not used by parser. The unused size is 49536 File contain more data than expected

Hi again, Luc. Hmmm. I have not seen this error before for one-press songs with bass on version 1.6.4 of the BeatBuddy Manager. Before I pass this along to Support and the developers, please confirm that you are not inadvertently using an earlier version of BBM (believe it or not, sometimes this happens): from the BBM menu check BBManager > About BBManager. You should see a display similar to the enclosed screen shot.

Thanks for your patience.

It works ! I deleted and downloaded again version 1.6.4 and it works perfectly now . Persist, thank you very much for your help.