File issues

I’m a little bewildered how BB manager saves the files. I’m not really asking how but I do have an issue. I use Onedrive to ensure I have a back-up of everything on my PC but BB Manager seems to save files so that the hierarchy goes on almost endlessly and repeats itself. My Onedrive save feature therefore stops saving when it reaches one of these files (far too long). When I open the location, from Onedrive’s error message, I can scroll through over thirty levels of file structure, some appearing to be repetitions, but when I go to the same location on my own there is nothing there. Can anyone explain or solve this for me?


This has been a long known and previously reported issue. Several expert users have reported that it’s tied to the use of the Drum Maker portion of the BBM.

It might be better to export your content as *.drm, *.sng and / or *.pbf files and save them to onedrive instead of your BBM workspace in its entirety.

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Good point ghostofweedon. Ta.