File manager questions

I finally got my BB to work. Now the new challenge is make sense out of File Manager. Could anyone send me a link(s) to a very basic tutorial on this subject? My goal is to create a “set list”. Thanks for any help


This is what I got pointed to a short while ago…
It’s not for the most current version of the Beat Buddy Manager, but evidently close enough.

After you work through the tutorial, post any questions you might have. One thing to remember with a set list, is that BBManager does not make a copy of any item that you drag from one of its song folders to another. I find it best to have an archived location of songs on my hard drive, and, when I need to make a set list, create a new folder within BB Manager and Import the songs I want to that new folder. This has the benefits of not disturbing your existing folders, and it provides a back-up archive when your BB workspace crashes or when your SD card gets corrupted/damaged.

O.k. Thanks for the help. I will try both suggestions