File size limit for Midi or Wave ?


I tried loading several Midi files into the Manager and I think it was a error message that said they were over 500 KB.
One Midi file I did get to load would not play.


You won’t be able to load huge MIDI files into BBManager. You need to split them to looped parts. As a general rule of thumb they should contain 4 or 8 bars.

The other pitfall is MIDI should actually consist ONLY of notes that are inside the mapping. For example, no drumset has a mapping for a MIDI note 40 (Acoustic Snare). Yeah, that’s pretty crappy, and you will need to manually edit out the MIDI to change them to an appropriate replacement.

I’ve personally got used to using the following replacement of MIDI notes:
40 -> 38
41 -> 45
47 -> 48

The result usually sounds like crap, but it at least sounds. All the MIDI notes that are not mapped, are simply ignored silently without any warning. No automatic intelligent absent MIDI notes remapping is done.

How can you find what notes are mapped and for what drumsets?

Click 1.
Double click 2.