Fill to Fill

does anyone know how to move from fill to fill without returning to the “main” ( to chain fills together)?

Yes. Exquisite timing, and practice, practice, practice. :slight_smile:

Press the pedal once to initiate a fill, and on the very first beat of the next bar - press it again.

Assuming a one bar fill?

Here’s what I did. Go into the Midifiles where all the Drum Styles are located. We’ll take one just for an example. Go into Jazz file and create a new Folder and call it “All Jazz Beats and Fills”. Now take each and everyone one of the different “Beats and Fills” and load them all into the new Folder. Now you have them altogether in on place. Do that for “Country”, “Blues”, “Brushes”, etc. in each one and now you have all the “Country Beats and Fills” located in Country under one file and so on, if you get the idea. Now you have a place to go to pull them up in their separate categories but have each one with all the fills and beats in one place. Just remember where you put them. If you user Beat Builder to modify the drum beats, your all set. Not only that, if you are in BB Manager, you can click on a fill and then go to the file where you want and get any fill you are looking for. If I am working on a Jazz beat, I often go into the Country file and pull out a fill that will work for what I want. You can mix and match them anyway you like. To edit the drum beat in Beat Builder, it makes it easier to change the BPM to the same value as the song your working on. You can build your own fills right there.
You have to find where the Midi File Drum Beats are at first. Sometimes it’s hard to find them but look under midi-files in the folder BB Projects. They’re most likely to be there. You have to go where the folders are for Drums, Songs, Effects, etc. and you will see the Midi-file. Hope this helps.
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Don’t forget about transitions. If your fills are long, like a whole chorus, or whole verse, bridge, whatever, it might be easier to make it another main loop and transition to it. A fill is trigger when you press, but usually a transition is triggered when you hold and release.

Another possibility is to make another file by joining fill 1 and fill 2 into one big fill. The only difficulty there is that the total can’t exceed 500 notes.

In reference to something that comes to mind here that I have noticed about fills and transtions. You can actually load a “Beat” midi file and place it in the “Fill” area and it will play full length before it goes back to the “Main Beat”, but if you place it in the “Transition” area, it will only play 4 bars and then it will switch back to the “Main Beat”. You could make a verse of a song and place it in the “Fill” area and it would play all of it, but not so in the “Transition” area. A person could use this to his or her’s advantage to plan out a song with as many as 4 parts per 2 tracks, or 6 parts per 3 tracks, and so on. Just a thought that crossed my mind. Somebody has probably already used this idea but I thought I would mention it.
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