Fills command?

I looking a lot of video’s and watching the manual and never see it

Is there a function/ or can assign a switch on the Maestro to make the fills on the Beatbuddy ?


Yes, this is CC:112 values 1-127

In the future, there is no need to ask, all Singular Sound commands can be found here!

Ok thank you , is there a file like that with the Aeros commands ?

The Aeros commands are on the second sheet :slight_smile: Find the tabs at the page’s bottom

Oh I see, sry I’m not familiar with excell
Thanks a lot Brennan !

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No problem! I added a note so that it’s easier to find the tabs, you’re not the only one missing them!

Why is such basic/important information as this buried in this forum? You have a great product but despite your chatty language it’s almost impossible for the average user to customize - which is one it’s great values. Do a simple focus group with a couple of customers and watch them try to figure it out. Frustration is not an asset.

Thank you for your feedback, we have added the link to the doc on our website in various places now, it is no longer only findable on the forum

Have a good one!