Final Lead Synth & Liverpool Bass (Final Lead Synth w/Bass XRL)

By request. See kit list for instruments. This is the reworked version of Final Lead Synth w/Bass XRL.

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Hi Phil, can’t download this from dropbox (only read). Regards Eric

You should have a download link in the upper right portion of the dropbox window. See above.

@Persist - I am doing something wrong, i.e., can you download from this link?

Eric - I think you are trying to download the .drm only. You need to download the .zip and then unzip the file to get at the .drm. Right click on the link in the first message above (Control+click on a Mac). Then select Save Link As… and save the .zip to your hard drive.

I can download the zip file from your link.

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Hi Phil, try it again with an another browser (google chrome) and that works. First I used Firefox. Thanks Eric