Finally back on the road -- warts and all

We got back to rehearsing seriously a few weeks ago and have a string of shows coming up. We managed to capture a bit of last weekend’s show in a big basement bar. 96 degrees, 95% humidity, and we were both sticking to our guitars, but damn, was it ever fun to get back out and play a big stage.

Here’s a look at the show openers, including the ever popular “Is it plugged in?” gremlin…

Peace, Love, Understanding, Already Gone, More Unexpected Peace, End


Always enjoyable.

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Good job, Joe. BUDDY never sweats nor complains about the heat/humidity. :slight_smile:

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Best line Mark ever uttered in stage: “Well, at least HE’s still playing.”

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Sometimes I am so caught up working on gear, I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to play live! Great job guys!!!

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Thank you!