Finally been stumped!

Looking for a drum beat to go with George Thorogoods, “I drink alone” song. Any thoughts? Come close in the Blues section but think there is something better. Thank you.

Frank Betts.

I’ll see what I have later today.

That does seem like it should be a standard 6/8, but you’re right, I don’t see one that quite fits. I’m surprised by that.

My midi service does not have that one. But, my first thought was that its about the same feel as Dust My Broom. You can try to edit out the bass and keys of the Dust My Broom file, and then set the tempo at 98. That should get you in the ballpark.

Yep exactly. Just a skitch off is all…booooo LOL

Just got home and saw this post. Downloading it and seeing what we have. Thank you sir!

Able to work with that Phil. Thanks again for your help.

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This works out great. Already been practicing with it.

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