Finally broke down on the B

Well, after all this time, I finally broke down and ordered the beat buddy. I also ordered the FCB1010 foot controller. I would have purchased the maestro, but it wasn’t available on Amazon. Because of my points from my travels, I was able to purchase both of those items for a total cost of $68 US. The only reason I did not buy the maestro is because it’s not offered for sale on Amazon by SS, and Amazon is where all of my points are located.
So now I will probably bug you guys with all kinds of questions lol.
First question. What comes in the box, and what will I need to buy in addition?i know I need a card. The fcb only came with a power cable, but I have, a bunch of standard midi cables.what else?

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A 4Gb SDHC Cl 4 card comes standard with the BeatBuddy (BB) and that’s enough to get you started. If you’re a gigging musician, consider getting another SDHC card up to 32Gb Cl 10 for a backup. You don’t need a high speed card (expensive)—find the best bargain.

Since you will eventually use MIDI, buy the MIDI Sync Adapter from Singular Sound and as you already have MIDI patch cables, you probably won’t need more.

Consider buying the remote foot switch. Singular Sound offers one as well as other vendors. It will greatly expand the flexibility of the BB. You’ll need a TRS patch cable. Don’t know if it comes with Singular’s remote switch.

If Amazon offers the BeatBuddy Premium Library, consider getting it with the Groove Monkee content.

If you really need a MIDI controller and Singular’s still isn’t available from Amazon, you have other options.