Finding certain drumsets...


I am having a hard time finding some of the beats used in these songs. Many use Vintage Ludwig and Standard Pro and I have found and purchased those, no problem. But… where do I find Rock 70s, 1pressbass and a few others - These, I do not find listed in the premium section and using the search function doesn’t find it, as well as, google. And they are not listed in the drum set forum. So.

Dos anyone have a hint at where I can find these sets? Thanks in advance!


Check the resources section of the Forum. For onepressbass, that is kind of generic description of the song type rather than the kit. Unless the song specifies something, because some people map songs differently than others, SuperbassG or NP SuperbassG are probably safe choices.

Great, Thanks for the reply and the info.

I have the SuperbassG and most of these tracks work with that and the Vintage Ludwig and Standard Pro which I have purchased. However, the song I am interested in (hells bells - ) asks, as a default set, for a set called “Rock 70s” and no matter where I look, I can’t find this set.

No matter which set I use, the song just doesn’t sound right and I would like to find the “Rock 70s” set.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am rather new to this…


I tried searching as well and could not find it. I’m going to venture a guess that the user @Rgulli who posted this song had a custom kit and might not have realized that he needed to make the kit available on the forum. I tried it with the default BB Rock 1.1 kit and although it still has a lot of reverb, it was still missing something. When I examined the song using the BBM Midi Editor, I saw that it was made with Acoustic bass program number 35. I then tried the song with the Standard Pro kit and it now sounds complete and with less reverb.

Rgulli hasn’t posted for quite a while but we’ll see if he picks up on this thread and comes back with an answer.