Finding songs to download

Is there a way to search for drum parts for a particular song? I’m looking for Everybody Talks by Neon Trees and Middle by Jimmy Eat World. And a couple other tunes. To use for rhythm while playing the ukulele.
Thanks for any help offered. Just started using my Beat Buddy.

You’re probably just looking to use one of the default kits and what tempo to set—if that’s the case, you can probably try the second method, below.
[]Search Resources for the title of the songs; Everybody Talks doesn’t seem to be on the forum but The Middle is This song includes bass in one-press format and it requires that you download, import and activate the recommended drum kit. In this case, you can probably get by with the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit.
]The other way is to post a request to the Beat and Drum Set Requests.