Finding the right beat when song writing...

Hi everybody/anybody!

I really like the beatbuddy. Thanks for making this!

So, here is my question. I am currently song writing and want to be able to more easily find what drum beats/fills I have in my head for particular songs I am writing. I would like to know if there is a way to easily listen to beats and fills without having to play through all the songs to find the right one? I have been working on a way around this, but it occurred to me that I should pause and see if anybody else has solved this or if i am missing something that is right in front of me.

My current solution is that I have taken all the “rock” beats (beats only and not fills) and made it into a 28 part song and I arranged the beats numerically. This allows me to go through all the beats set at the same tempo and play along, while I figure out which beat is like the one I have in my head or fits the best. I’ve found that, in making the order of the beats numerical, I get the added benefit of similar beats with subtle differences being right next to each other.

This method helps me, since I do not have to start and stop every song and change tempo each time I listen to a different preprogramed song. I’ve started making similar songs with all the punk beats, pop beats, and songs with all the different time signature beats in the same song. (all the 3/4 beats in one song, all the 6/8 beats in one song, and so on).

So far, this has not been that hard or too time consuming, and I think it is helpful (at least to me). However, I am soon going to consider finding the right fills…

This will be much more time consuming, since the number of fills is much more than the number of beats and will take much more time to set up them up into a similar structure. This is why I have decided to ask if anybody knows a way to go through and listen to beats and fills without going through all the preset songs?

Seriously, I will not be surprised if there are already ways of doing what I want. I am finally just really getting started on using the manager app and could have easily missed it.

Thanks for any advice!

I have a folder that contains all the patterns that I like… there are quite a few, but putting them all in one folder helps me move between them with foot switches. Then I turn default tempo off and set the default drum set. Then it’s just a matter of listening and playing, stop, next pattern, listen and play, rinse and repeat. By the second or third pattern I’m usually inspired to start playing something new and forget about what I was doing when I started.

If you have EZdrummer2 there is a search feature that you can use to search the midi loops from the BB.

Can someone explain to me how to do this. I can not find the right beats to songs I’m playing. Please explain. I would love to make a master file of beats so it would be easier to search. Thank you in advance.