Finding Use_Lib

How do I locate my use_lib on my Mac so I can import a song from the Forum? Anyone?

Uh, you don’t. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) manages the BeatBuddy content and you should not be using your computer OS (whether Mac or Windows) to try to manage content.

Please take some time to read the BB user guide.

I know, I know, “I don’t need no stinkin’ manual” but in this case, you do.

Here 'ya go: BeatBuddy user guides 1.5 - BeatBuddy Manager and MIDI settings

You import songs to the Beat Buddy ONLY using Beat Buddy Manager. Follow the instructions to install Beat Buddy Manager, if you have not done so. When Beat Buddy Manager is installed, you import a song using the File>Import>Song command. If you manually muck about in the Beat Buddy file system, you will crash Beat Buddy Manager and you will lose data.

Ok, So can someone walk me through the process to get a song from the forum into my BB manager. I have read all the manuals and watched the videos and am either very stupid or find it all confusing and disjointed.

Example George Ezra Shotgun in the Forum.

  1. Download Shotgun
  2. Unzip Shotgun. Inside the folder are 3 file. You only need to concern yourself with the .sng file. The pdf is a chords and lyrics sheet. The .kar is the source material, for those adventurous enough to want to do some editing on their own.
  3. Open Beat Buddy Manager (BBM), assuming you’ve installed it. Wait for it to load.
  4. From BBM, select the Songs column. Pick a folder where you want to install the song. Open that folder.
  5. From the upper menu in BBM select File>Import>Song. Navigate to Shotgun and select it. Shotgun should now be in your songs list.

If you don’t already have it, you will want to get the drum kit recommended for Shotgun. Search for it on the old Forum in Resources. There should be a dropbox link to that kit. Download and unzip the kit, if necessary. Install it in the same manner as the song, except you will now select File>Import>Drumkit.

Click on the list of drumkits. The kit should be at the bottom of the list. Check the box in front of the kit’s name.

Now you can play Shotgun from BBM.

To get that into your pedal, you will need to either Synchronize your project, or Export>Project to SD card. If Exporting, the process will take several minutes.

thanks Phil. Did everything up to the Drumkit part. Wasnt getting any sound when hitting play so I assume that is because I hadnt downloaded the drumkit? am working on that as we speak.

stay with me Phil. Went to other forum. saw Drumkit selection. Gave 10 pages of choices but no drop box that I could see. No reference to Shotgun that I could find. Not having the drumkit. Is that why there is no sound when select play for the song? maybe you could go through the process and see if you hit the same deadend I am finding. Thanks again.[title_only]=1&c[user][0]=10560

Follow the link Persist provided below. When you click on the download from external site, you’ll get to the Dropbox. Not having the right kit could cause no sound, so let’s get past that issue first.