Fine tuning Beat Buddy

I have had the Beat Buddy several months now and it keeps getting better. I printed out a list of my songs (300 +) and when I practice I make notes on my list when I want to make changes in the BB software. It seems when I first went through the music I tended to make the tempo a little fast. I was learning the software and have made a lot of changes since the beginning. I stopped using my acoustic guitar and now use a guitar with a 3 pick-up electric sound and has an acoustic bridge pick-up. Using the BB I now have the confidence to rock up the sound instead of the unplugged sound I had before. With the new Firmware update it seems to be easier to match the BB tempo to my looper. I am getting pretty good at feeling the beat and when I need to throw in a fill. I am still using my Porchboard Bass with my right foot but with the BB it’s not the sole provider of the bottom sound it used to be. The BB has definitely changed my sound for the better.