Finger Style Bass Brushes Kit - Boots Made For Walking


I was trying to get the kit that used to be at this drop box location ~

but its no longer there. Would anyone have a copy, it was for the song. These Boots Were Made For Walking.


I don’t have a kit with that name in my archives. @Jim_Jacobson - Do you still have this?

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I have several kits that I have tweaked and fine tuned for balanced volumes and playability for live shows. You know how sometimes the crash or tambourine can be way too loud…etc. I’ve set all volume and waves as close to the same all across my kits and have set a standard level for each instrument. (The only variable I have is that some kits have piano and other instruments panned, and others centered which causes some volume issues. ) I’ve spent many hours with this level project. I have also built and added several songs to my catalog. Problem is…when I share them, they need to be used with my drum kits to sound good. The next problem is…I haven’t figured out how to share on the new forum. It seems chopped up and there isn’t any Rhyme or reason to where I should be posting them. I also started using a new set of bass waves that I used globally. It’s more pronounced and doesn’t drone like my old waves. I’m going to get back into sharing when I can figure out a way to do it that makes sense.