Firmware 1.5.8 links?

Thank you.

Did you mean 1.8.5 by chance? Available here:

Yes I did. I checked my unit and the pedal is running 1.8.5, my manager is Do I need to update the manager? I have the .sng files and drumsets required. I just can’t get them to load into my manager, onto my SD card project.

I read somewhere there is a BBM 6.3.1? Is this the problem? And do you have links to the download? Thank you!

You should be all set - what exactly is the problem? When you say you can’t get them onto the card, what’s happening? Did you do a project export from the BB Manager FIle menu (File -> Export -> Project to SD card)?

I tried , Importing,song import, etc. and it said error song being skipped? IDK?

Also, be sure to read through this thread:

It’s probably all a bit confusing at first, I know it was for me!

And if you are trying to load up new songs, you will need the beta of the firmware for any that are “one press” songs larger than 500 notes. I ran into that too. Try going here to request the beta:

It’s saying the data contains too much data?

I guess I’ll just do the fills and transitions myself while switching channels and effects. I’ll get it. LOL

Definitely update your bbmanager… the current release 1.6.4 went out today.

Thank you