firmware 1.8.5 now on my card, but...what is this?

so. I downloaded the new firmware and installed it to my card…now even when a song is not even playing the screen is showing a blue colored bar that goes from the left to the rightside “constantly” sorta as if it does that when a song is actually playing…you know when the beats bar is going from left to right. Is it supposed to do that now with the new firmware 1.8.5 ??? It is very annoying…I have also tried re-installing the older version firmware 1…4 and then it does NOT do the annoying blue scrolling bar thing. I thought, this is just weird…so I then re-installed the newer version again 1.8.5 and there goes the scrolling blue bar again…What’s up with this new firmware ??? I cant see why they would make the new firmware do this blue scrolling bar across the screen even when NOT playing a song, cause I cant even properly see the name of the song im on, the tempo, the volume, anything else cause the annoying moving left to right scrolling blue bar… ??? is there a problem here ??? so, as for now im gonna just leave it as it is with the firmware 1…8.5 and see if I get any help here on this issue…thanks anybody !!!

There is no problem?!?! Thankx to this handy feature, you can now start playing a song without a drumbeat AT THE RIGHT TEMPO. In a second part of the song, when you engage the Beatbuddy, you are already in the right tempo.
I am glad I could clarify this for you…

It can be turned off in the settings in the pedal

I like it too for setting tap tempo delays!

Go into your settings menu and select this setting: Main Pedal > Visual Metronome > Playing Only.

We recommend keeping the latest version of the firmware installed. You can disable the visual metronome while the song is stopped by the setting above.

I am on MacBook Pro, I don’t see where "Main Pedal > Visual Metronome > Playing Only." on BBManager ???
On the Beat Buddy either … :frowning:

Noticed that as well…cool feature.