firmware 1.9.2

does anyone else have this version of firmware? Can’t see any other info on this version. Just bought it yesterday 12-6-16

Believe that is a beta. i had that too. just go and install the latest version which is 1.85 and your good to go.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 1.9.2 because every beta firmware release incrementally squashes bugs and provides enhancements. :slight_smile: Wish a “change history” document would be provided that brings us all up to date from 1.8.5 forward.

Ahh ok. I had that initially when I got my pedal and just installed 1.85 because I knew it would work.

New Features / Bug Fixes (1.9.2):
• Fixed Midi Note In Problem. (Under some circumstance, some MIDI note received in the MIDI in port were retransmitted on the MIDI out port event; it was set to MIDI-OUT
• Global Accent Hit volume source selection (Default /)
• Created a new type of menu to easily set numerical value
• Accent volume can range from [-40db, + 6db]
• Default value is set to 0db
• Added scrolling for item in menus (Accent Hit & Single Choice Menu)
• Fixed Wrapping text of custom Accent hit list

Sounds great anyone have a download link?