Firmware 2.04 - Unable to disable outro

Hi all!
I’m trying to disbale outro following instructions in this page :

"Settings > Footswitch > Footswitch Playing > Ending fill Some people have been having trouble with the double tap for ending fill function of the BeatBuddy. This is sometimes difficult to do in time with faster tempos. So we added the option to trigger the ending fill with a single press of a footswitch."

In my beatbuddy there is no [B]Settings > Footwitch > Footswitch Playing menù
I can only find :
Settings>Footswitch>Footswitch detector
Settings>Footswitch>1st footswitch function
Settings>Footswitch>2st footswitch function
Settings>Footswitch>Accent Hit

Could you help me to disable outro and end a song with one tap ?? Not paused but stop.


Select Settings>Footswitch>1st footswitch function and press the tempo button one more time and it will take you to a sub-menu. Do the same for Settings>Footswitch>2st footswitch function.

If you can’t get to sub-menus, recommend you reinstall firmware 2.0.4

Take a look at the contents of the link for an option of how to set remote foot switch settings:

Thanks for the answer, i can access sub-menu press the tempo button or he tap button, but there is no “ending fills” section as written above.
I can only disable outro fill from the main pedal section.
I want to trigger it ----

It’s called Outro Fill

I found it…thanks