Firmware 2.04 What's Hot, What's Not

Cue Fill Period - Hot - Instead of percentages, we have words that mean something.
Not - No next section section, only next measure.
2nd Main Pedal - ??? - What is that???

MIDI In > MIDI ID (Not implemented) - Having this in the beta caused me hours of aggravation with OnSong

Autopilot (Not Implemented) - Not - This would have been nice.

In general - Hot - It’s great to have new firmware beyond the beta I was using, with features I can discuss.

2nd main pedal, apparently, is means to have the extension pedal act as the main pedal, so you can see the screen at a desktop level, for example. Not for me, but may have utility for keyboard users.

On FIRE, extremely hot - accent hit volume is ADJUSTABLE!!!

What? No MIDI ID??? Sigh

Looks Like some Great New Features…
Is there a PDF / list of the new 2.04 Features & Settings?
Or a copy of the 2.04 download page Info?

[SIZE=6]1 Settings Menu Improvements[/SIZE]

New Settings Menu Help System Whenever you see the (?) symbol next to a menu option, press the right arrow button to highlight it and then press the Tap button to see an explanation of that Setting option. No more looking through the manual to understand what a setting does.

Change Font Size No more squinting at small words! We will now have an automatic larger font size when entering Folder / Song selection window with the footswitch.
[](Settings > Font Size)
Hide Sobriety Feature option For the parents who don’t want to explain this little joke to their kids.
](Settings > Sobriety > Hide Sobriety Option)
[SIZE=6]2 Use the Footswitch as the Main Pedal[/SIZE]

Many of you would like to have the BeatBuddy up at table top (or keyboard) height so you can choose songs without bending down. You can now set one of the footswitches to act like the Main Pedal.
[](Settings > Footswitch > Function > Main pedal)
Please Note: If the footswitch detector detects a latching footswitch, it disables the main pedal option since it cannot work with a latching footswitch. A momentary footswitch is required. All Singular Sound Footswitches manufactured after May 2015 are momentary.
To test your footswitch:
](Settings > Footswitch > Footswitch detector)
Double Tap Outro Disable: Some Beat Buddies complained that they are accidentally hitting the double tap outro during a performance. You can now disable it.
[](Settings > Main Pedal > Outro)
You can set one of the footswitches as a single tap outro at
](Settings > Footswitch > Function > Playing)
[SIZE=6]3 New Accent Hit Options [/SIZE]

Global Accent Hit: A single sound that is triggered no matter what song or song part you are in (as opposed to the Default Accent Hit which is a sound set to the specific song part). You can choose from all the Accent Hits available on the SD card and any WAV files added in the EFFECTS folder of the SD Card.
[](Settings > Footswitch > Accent hit > Source)
Accent Hit Volume: You can now adjust the accent hit volume! Accent volume can range from [-40db, + 6db], Default value is set to 0db.
](Settings > Footswitch > Accent hit > Volume)
[SIZE=6]4 Cue Fill options[/SIZE]

Some users have said that the fills sound smoother if they start on the next half beat (1/8th note), next beat (1/4 note) or next measure rather than immediately when the pedal is pressed.
So we have added these options. Default is still ‘immediately.’

Please note: When set to ‘Immediately’, if the pedal is pressed in the last half beat of the measure, the fill will play in the next measure because it’s very unlikely that you want less than a half beat of fill so you probably pressed it too early.
[*](Settings > Main Pedal > Cue Fill)
[SIZE=6]5 MIDI Command Change[/SIZE]

When unpausing with drum fill (by tapping the main pedal), the MIDI “Start” message is sent after the completion of the fill and the main loop begins.

This means that the looper only begins playback after the fill is complete, which is a more accurate representation of what usually happens in a live performance.
[SIZE=6]6 Technical Improvements[/SIZE]

Increased the Polyphony from 24 to 64 simultaneous instruments.
Added Non-Percussion Instrument handling: Now the drum sets with bass will sound better!
[SIZE=6]7 Bug Fixes[/SIZE]

Fixed MIDI Note In Problem. (Under some circumstance, some MIDI note received in the MIDI in port were retransmitted on the MIDI out port even if it was set to MIDI-OUT.
Added quick release to reduce “clicking” sound when removing sounds (when max polyphony is reached)
[]Fixed release buffer coefficient calculations.
]Fixed midi merge sync bug.
[]Fixed Incorrect Drum set loading bug
]Fixed not looping transition bug. (On the last part of the song)
[*]Removed Stop commands when changing songs if player is not playing

Sorry, I read it too quickly and @Phil Flood may have been referring to something else. Does the update include the ability to have a unique ID for each song so the songs are not order dependent?

I am referring to this thread:


@Rick F - The MIDI ID feature no longer appears in the MIDI IN settings. It’s unfortunate, because even though it gave me issues, (since I didn’t know it was there,) it certainly seemed like a step in the right direction. I have been using the folder number system, but I imagine for those who had tried the MIDI ID system and organized their songbooks accordingly, the idea of reorganizing the song book and going back and making those entries will not be pleasant.

And, if I’m wrong, and the feature is still hidden in 2.0.4 somewhere, please anyone, jump in and let us know. Obviously, this was not a BBM update, so the Enable Midi ID still appears in BBM, but does it have any effect on the pedal without the MIDI ID setting in the firmware?

@Phil Flood the MIDI ID by order should still work. We removed the option from the firmware for permanent MIDI ID because it wasn’t implemented in the BBM. We do plan on implementing it (and autopilot) in the upcoming new BBM (though not in the first version, but it’s on the roadmap), and then we will add it back into the firmware. We just didn’t want settings in the firmware that couldn’t be used due to lack of support from the BBM. Thank you guys for your patience, btw. We’re really close to a new BBM and then the updates should be coming out much faster.

Thank you, David. That should clear up the confusion. I have been using the MIDI ID by order, and it does still work me.

Hello to all…can someone tell me if they are working on making changes to implement a feature that will allow signature changes within a song? I understand that one can “break it down” to small parts and set the meter I guess for those parts, but that can be tedious when you’re playing guitar, singing, and trying to remember to tap the stomp button to switch to the desired part when it happens quite frequently.

I created a song with the various parts for “Hey Ya” and although I was able to get the signatures correct in Logic X, when I play it in BB there is one extra measure which throws the whole groove off. Example…I have one midi file that is only 4 measures long. Within that midi track the first measure is in 4/4, the next is in 3/4, and the last is in 4/4. I play the song with a slower groove than the original, but the groove is still the same. Think 68 BPM (in my case), so it’s 1234, 123, 1234. Unfortunately I end up with an extra measure of silence no matter what I do, or what time signatures I use…even custom signatures in Logic can be created, but it doesn’t work. It’s because the BB isn’t capable at this time I think to handle signature changes within a song pattern.

If it’s not being worked on, can the powers that be please seriously consider making this happen? I’ve read many of threads with requests for help with this only to be told that the BB doesn’t work that way. From what I understand a better quantizing feature is being worked on…please add time signature changes to the list. Make no mistake though, I love the BB! It is an awesome tool to have, and I recommend it as often as I can!

Thanks for listening! (back to my original question…if this is already a feature, please reply and let me know how to do it :))

Hi @DavidPackouz,

Love my BeatBuddy & these new features are a great addition to a already great idea - what I miss most of all (and think this shouldn’t be too hard to implement) is the option to change the tempo ‘on-the-fly’ (the BeatBuddy running) with your foot … sometime you want to slightly adjust the tempo while playing to adapt to the ‘mood of the moment’ and you don’t want to interrupt the flow of the music with taking your hands off the fretboard, bend over & fiddle with the knob on the BeatBuddy …
What I’m thinking of is: while the BeatBuddy is playing - and for people who don’t require the triple tap (or double tap) stop option (like me - I’m using the BeatBuddy foot switch as well) - hit triple tap (or optional double tap) on the main pedal to get you into tap mode & then if you start tapping a tempo within a second or so, you are able to set a new tempo … to exit the tap mode use either any switch of the extra foot switch - if you need to end/stop the song - or wait for 2 or 3 seconds of no action on the main pedal … this would make the pedal even more flexible than it already is :slight_smile:


Posted in another thread before seeing this…
One issue w latest firmware is the Unpause function with main pedal. It doesn’t stop song now when holding. It cues a fill regardless which setting is chosen. I will reload when I get home, on the road at the moment. Hoping the reload will fix, as I use this a few times each gig.

If I understand the MIDI ID feature it should eradicate the maintenance problem of the folder/song selection system short comings after a new song is inserted in the BBM at other than the bottom of the folder/song list. The current folder/song selection really helps during a live performance because I can select the song, automatically set the BPM and adjust the volume with the touch of a button in forScore, but the maintenance to keep the system updated is beyond reason. We need a better way and real soon. For those that may care we also need additional functionality in dealing with MIDI strings in forScore (probably not the right place to mention that, but there it is.)

Alternating SD cards, I now have 61 buttons to repress now, instead of 51 …
I do like cue fill advancing to next measure :wink:

@TheWolf2103 I agree, that would be a great feature – you can right now set one of the footswitches to dedicated tap tempo to do this. (Side note: Any triple tap function would get rid of the function of cancelling the outro with an extra tap – we generally don’t like functions that rely on multiple taps, so we most likely won’t be implementing any more triple tap functions). With our upcoming MIDI multi switch, you will have very easy ways to adjust the tempo on the fly… stay tuned! :wink:

@c.granger I was not able to reproduce this issue – please contact us at if this problem persists.

@Keoki I hear you loud and clear. We’re will be implementing the “Permanent MIDI ID” system in upcoming versions of the BBM.

@rknrne I feel your pain :frowning: this issue is on our timeline to get fixed.

Please keep the great feedback coming!

Hello Beatworld
I have been using BB in Manchester UK successfully for years now, the new update is great but does THIS …OLD… firmware still include the option to have the 2nd footswitch button to be a pause when held feature? With my band it was great to have little fast fills from other instruments or the first beat of the kick and the bass guitar to play together twice very quickly before playing the next continuous part of the song.
I cant seem to see anyway on the newest version of firmware to doing this. Until around 2 weeks ago, I had never updated my beatbuddy since first owning it around 3 years.

Can I be blessed a work-around to get this feature back with also keeping the new midi out/in capabilities (like using it with OnSong etc)